Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Abe Yanofsky Memorial has been rated

But not available at the CFC site. I got the info from the CFC and created crosstables with the new rating info; see U 1800 here, and the Open here.

Congratulations to those who achieved new high ratings:

Trevor Vincent (2304 !)
Paolo Araullo (2148)
Jonathon Zaczek (2126)
Rolando Bince (2117)
Igal Raihman (1953)
Aaron Green (1901 !)
Steven de Groot (1774 +84 !)
Ryne Swift (1831)
Saul Magnusson (1648)
Leor Wasserman (1671)
Michael Pang (1696)
Keer Keer (1474)
Clifford Goodman (1684)


Unknown said...

Cliff also hit a new high

Anonymous said...

Grats to Trevor for passing over the 2300 barrier!

Anonymous said...

Rolando Bince and Araullo did excellent results against the monsters!

I also like to see Kevin Gentes for coming back!