Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Spring Active Tournament

16 players are competing in the third round as I write - (I would have played if we had an odd number - where is Zaczek when you need him ?)

Round One - Nikouline hung a back rank mate to Michael Pang, when Alex was winning on the board and the clock. Schulz missed a mate in one (that required moving his queen one square) against Jamie Campbell and lost on time.

Round Two - Nothing special to note, other than Lipic holding Kaptsan to a draw.

Round Three - "Another blunder, another draw", sighed Kaptsan after his game with Czypinski.
Several draws have left Arvin Dawa with 3, Czypinski with 2.5, and 4 players with 2, including Jamie Campbell who upset Saul Magnusson.

Round Four - Arvin Dawa and Jaro Czypinski drew, while Kaptsan beat Campbell, and Igal Raichman beat Alex Nikouline. Dawa won the tournament with 3.5, Czypinski, Kaptsan and Igal finished with 3 points.

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