Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tuesday, July 10 - 40th Anniversary Tribute to Fischer-Spassky 1972

July 11 is the 40th Anniversary of the first game of the Fischer-Spassky match 1972.

Tuesday, July 10 in room 4CM42 at the University of Winnipeg,
the Manitoba Chess Association will have an informal night of chess events.
Renew acquaintances old and new !
Reminisce about 1972 !
Shake off  the rust with a few blitz games !
Drop in any time on the evening of July 10
There is no admission fee.

There is one formal event, but don't feel compelled to participate - you may wish to just hang out.

7:00 pm.  Doors Open
Through-out the night (approx 7:00 - 10:30)
Informal games - pair off with another player - pick your time control and have some fun. 

 From 7:15 - 7:45 there will be a  review of  the end of Fischer-Spassky 1972  Game 1.

There will be a rapid tournament starting at 8 pm for those who which to participate.
Registration 7:45 - 8:00 pm

4 round Swiss System  - Time Control  Game / 15 minutes.
Normal tournament rules apply - touch move, etc.
Entry fee $ 10 -
Prizes are entries to the 2012 Abe Yanofsky Memorial.
(There will be one prize for every four entries received)

The Yanofsky connection is that Abe played Bobby twice, and Boris three times.

Yanofsky-Fischer Stockholm Interzonal 1962  0-1
Spassky-Yanofsky - Winnipeg 1967  1-0
Yanofsky-Spassky  Lugano Olympiad 1968 1/2-1/2 
Fischer-Yanofsky Netanya 1968 1/2-1/2 
Spassky- Yanofsky Seigen Olympiad 1970  1-0


Anonymous said...

Big Fan of Fisher. Will there be analysis to the display game 1. aswell !?

Chess Manitoba said...

We'll talk about the shocking Bxh2 move.

Anonymous said...

On the chessmanitoba site, I believe it was Fischer that received the rd. 2 Forfeit. Maybe on the 50th anniversary we X ray all the chairs!

Chess Manitoba said...

Fischer was forfeited as he did not show up, thus Spassky got the 'forfeit' win.