Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rocker Chess Club - Blitz tournament - Saturday, April 18

Rocker Chess Club will host  a four round Swiss-system tournament  with all pairings as double match-ups where you’ll be able to play as both white and black making for a total of 8 games.
From the organizers:
Doors open at noon, registration ends at 12:30.
Cost: $15
Time control: 5 minutes + 2 seconds

Guaranteed cash prize fund provided by Chandra Iyer of $100 + 50% of all entries fees. Prize structure to be announced soon, but expect a greater emphasis on overall prizes vs, our first tournament.
1st place overall will include a cash prize and $100 Mariaggi’s theme suite hotel and spa. Tie breaks around 4pm will be held if required for this indivisible prize.

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