Saturday, January 2, 2016

Favorite Chess moments of 2015

This is my most memorable moment of 2015.  Before I provide more details about the game, evaluate the following position.  It is Black to play.  He has been suffering for many moves, but White has just played 60. Kg4.  What should Black play?

So 60...f5+ is seemingly a winning move,. picking up a full rook at the cost of a pawn. But that is a HUGE pawn.  Some engines think Black is still winning, but after 61. gf6 Rxc7 62 Kg5  

Black has has to give the Rook for the pawn, and White will be up at least two pawns in the resultant ending.

The games was Boron-Bince - 2015 May Sunday Quads.


Anonymous said...

1...f5 looks fabulous for black !

Chess Manitoba said...

One must look further - play a few more natural moves and assess the position.