Saturday, January 2, 2016

FIDE Ratings for Manitoba Players Active in 2015

With a greater number of FIDE rated tournaments in 2015 and the reduced number of   'results' required by FIDE, the MCA now has over two dozen players with FIDE ratings, including several obtaining their first FIDE rating this fall/winter.

Here is a list of the Manitoba players that played at least 1 FIDE rated game in 2015. (If I am missing anyone, please let me know.)

Name FIDE Rating
FM Kevin Gentes 2286
Kevin Li 2182
Sam Lipnowski 2134
Nilo Moncal 2100
Jeff Babb 2096
Isaac Wiebe 2077
Marcos Valentino 2056
Jonathon Zaczek 2054
Saul Magnusson 2037
Jeff Clark 2019
Aron Kaptsan 2017
Gustav L Baron 2011
Waldemar Schulz 1961
Rolando Bince 1951
Myron Kernetsky 1942
Colin Prince 1918
Anthony Boron 1915
Derek Ma 1903
Jim Green 1900
Jason Repa 1872
James Atem 1829
Leor Wasserman 1795
Blair Rutter 1780
Theo Wolchock 1766
Jamie Campbell 1743
Ken Einarsson 1733
Phil Le Dorze 1660

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