Tuesday, May 6, 2008

April TNT Round 5

Games and light annotations

Gibson - Mundwiler 0-1
3.e5 is unusual, but White was okay until the very committal 10.g4 - which drops a pawn and leaves the kingside very loose.

Wierda - Kong 0-1
White played the unprovoked 27. Bxd5 which leads to the loss of a critical pawn.

Jim Green - Arie Wasserman 1-0
With this win Jim informs that he has a huge 28 point lead for rating supremacy in the Green household. Enjoy it while you can Jim ! Black got his queen trapped.

Silva - Rumpel 1-0
Black plays into a fork, losing an exchange, and then faced with the prospect of losing his e pawn, resigns.

Leor Wasserman - Greenberg 0-1
Greenberg wins with the Sicilian !

Evans - Xue 0-1
White varies from Alekhine (!)-Duffo 1935 on move 8 (but I suspect by a different move order; Aekhine wouldn't miss 6. d6 which wins. White had the best of the play throughout until the losing 38. Rxd4.

Lauritson - Letain 1-0
Black doesn't find the answer (18...Nd5) to the threat of 19.b4 which wins a piece.

James Marten - Leah Green 0-1
White chases the c6 pawn to no avail. He could have regained the initiative with 19. Qg5

Gibbons - Peter Martens 0-1
Lorne once again snatches defeat from victory.

Kuropatwa -Kalk 0-1
White sacrifices a piece early for insufficient compensation. 22. c6 would have provided an advantage

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