Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May TNT Round 2

Lipnowski - Bince 1-0
Black 'sacrifices' a queenside pawn early for pressure on the c file.
Black obtains the advantage after 39...Rxc3.
He missed an interesting move 40...Rxh3+
I am going to guess that there was a time scramble at the end.

W. Schulz - Babb 0-1
Black plays a classic Benko Gambit game, and caps it off with an exchange sacrifice that obtains three passed pawns.

Nikouline- Khedkar 1-0
There is a new book out titled, 'The Easiest Sicilian', featuring the Sveshnikov. Who are they kidding with that title ?
21...g6 is a blunder, but Black's position is difficult anyway.

Kernetsky - Mundwiler 1-0
22...c5 must be a positional error as White's knight gets into d5 and stays there for the rest of the game. Later I saw immediately two opportunities for White to effectively end the game quicker.
27. Rf5 or 34. Qxh6. Lets see if these work.
(But first, my engine points out that the crude but effective 25. Bd1 intending Bc2 and mate is unstoppable by Black without huge material loss.
It turns out 27. Rf5 is effective, but Black can hang on for a bit.
34. Qxh6 however does work -please check the playable file I will link to later. White won soon enough anyway.

Rutter - Evans 1-0
After Black sacrificed a piece, 18...Nxf4 or Nxg3 was required.

Letain - Silva 0-1
White had a good position, but trading the bishop for knight with 22.Bxf6 doesn't seem correct.
Black's will now rule the dark squares, as subsequent play showed.

Gibson - Arie Wasserman 0-1
White loses a piece to a pawn fork.

Leor Wasserman - Kuropatwa 1-0
Black's unusual development of the knight to d7 did not help with his development.

Gibbons - Trueman 0-1
The position is dynamically equal until White misses Black's mating idea.

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