Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May TNT Round 3

Nikouline - Lipnowski DRAW
White manages to escape with a draw,. 31...Qa5 is -+.

Babb - Rutter 1-0
Black obtains an active position and could have even won a pawn with 18...Nxc1.
33. Rxh6 would have netted at least two pawns. White won the rook and pawn endgame.

Bince - Kernetsky 1-0
Good ol' time trouble - Black is up two passed pawns, White has virtually no counterplay, but Black loses on time.

Mundwiler-Khedkar DRAw
The players agreed to a draw in a opposite colour bishop endgame.

Silva - Schulz 0-1
28...Rxe3! is a nice shot. But a lot work had to be done to gain the full point. The game score shows 36. Kf3 which hangs a knight, but even if it is incorrect the rest is worth taking a look at.

Wierda - Trueman 1-0
Black's pawn sacrifice and follow-up left him with a significant disadvantage.

Evans-Letain 0-1
Black misses the opportunity to play12...Bxh3, but he wins a piece after White played 13. Bg5

A game full of tactical chances (see the game file when posted). Not sure if Black resigned prematurely - after 21....Bxb7 he may be better.

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