Friday, November 16, 2007

Mike Shpan Memorial - Round Two

Kaptsan - Greenberg 0-1
Aron hung a knight. Harley recounted the old chess maxim, "It is better to be lucky than good."

Kwiatek - Schulz 0-1

While not an outright mistake, 12. f4 does not make a good impression in the long run. Black exploited the weak squares around White's king.

Mundwiler - Arie Wasserman 1-0

The position was dynamically equal until Arie cut off his Q with 18...f6. The Q was trapped a few moves later.

Jim Green - Oberton DRAW

The computer identifies the interesting try 15...c4, with 16.dc4 Nc3 or 16. Nd2 c3

Swift - Kong 0-1
I can not make sense of the game score after move 12.

Fromme - Kernetsky 1-0

Black got one of those French positions where anything White does, wins.

Rutter- Wood 1-0

White rejected 8. Qxb7 which looks winning. Much later Black gave up an exchange and White won.

Leor Wasserman - Hanrahan 0-1

Very even game until White lost tempii with 29. Re3, 30. Ree1 which gavel Nigel a chance to win a pawn. Soon after he won a second pawn and the endgame.

Letain - Atem 0-1

The computer finds an interesting shot with 12.Bxf6, but realistically that is too deep for most players. Cory later lost a piece and the game.

Wierda - Trueman 0-1

John self-trapped his Bishop and lost.

Crawford - Campbell

Even game until Black blundered an exchange 1-0

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