Thursday, November 22, 2007

November Round 3

Grand Prix Group A

Boron- Khedkar 1-0
Black had a crushing position, when White decided to bail out, going down an exchange, but avoiding immediate danger. Jay gave back the exchange for a pawn, but White now had good drawing chances. Later, Jay blundered an exchange and resigned, although White has some work to do in the final position.

Grand Prix Group B

Lauritson - Pottinger 1-0
Black dropped the exchange and had no chances for counterplay after swapping queens.

Van Wyk - Silva 1-0
Black self-pinned his knight was was indefensible.

Grand Prix Group C

Gannon - Wiebe DRAW
Black was up a passed b pawn , but was reluctant to push it forward until it was too late.
White eventually infiltrated deep into the Black position and after move 56 ...

Missed the win with 57. Qf6+. He played 57. Qa8+ Qc8 58. Qa5+ Ke7, but did not play Nc7+ and Nxb5. Perhaps time trouble was a factor.

Liu - Booth 1-0
Looked like an interesting endgame, but the game score fails me at move 18. If either player reads this please submit the game score to Alex Nikouline.

Grand Prix Group D

Gibson - Magnusson 0-1
The players took turns winning pieces.

Aaron Green - Lorne Gibbons DRAW
If the game score is correct (there are some moves missing), White is winning.

Mike Shpan Memorial
Schulz - Fromme DRAW
In the final position, it looks like White has chances for a win. Perhaps time was a factor.

Kong - Mundwiler 0-1
These players went 37 consecutive move pairs in the middlegame without any captures. Black finally broke through (although the computer prefers 67. ...e4) just as White lost on time.

Greenberg - Green DRAW
Last mistake Draws !

Oberton - Kwiatek 0-1
27. h3 appears to hold for White, see Nigel's Exclam! blog for more commentary.

Campbell - Lior Wasserman 1-0
Gary won a pawn and won the rook endgame

Atem - Swift 1-0
James exploited weak squares around Black's king.

Arie Wasserman - Kaptsan 0-1

Hanrahan - Crawford 1-0

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