Thursday, November 15, 2007

November Round 2

Grand Prix Group A
Khedkar - Sam Lipnowski 0-1
Black won on time - According to the gamescore, White is winning easily.
Either the game score is incorrect, or Black played a move like 33...h5 knowing White only had seconds left.

Grand Prix Group B
Pottinger - Van Wyk DRAW
When I left the U, I thought Carl had a clear edge, despite the opposite colour bishops.

After 30...g5

I like the idea the of exchanging on g5 and ending up with two passers. The key in this type of position for White is not to exchange rooks. However, the rooks were exchanged on f4 and Joseph held the draw.

Silva - Lauritson 0- 1

White missed a golden opportunity after 15...Be7 (it was on d6)
When White moves the queen, there will be a discovered attack on the black queen.
Where to move the queen?

Silva played 16. Qc3 which is harmless, and Black can play Qc7.
What move would have taken that square away ? 16. Qe5 wins material. If 16...Qe8 or Bd7 then 17. Bb5... note that the Knight on f6 is pinned as there is a mate on g7.

Later, Black untangled his pieces, and with 29. Rxd5 White needlessly sacrificed a full rook.

Grand Prix Group C

Wiebe - Liu DRAW

I was quite impressed(I was standing by the board when it was played) with Black's move after 20. Nxa5

20...Be2 !

In the resultant R and P ending, Black had all the chances but missed the winning move below

36...Rd1+ 37. Kc5 Kd2 38.Kd4 c5+! 39. bc5 Kc2+ mating !

Grand Prix Group D

Magnusson - Aaron Green 0-1

Saul lost a pawn early, but could have won it back with 25. Bxb6, but perhaps saw ghosts after 25...Rc2, however 26. Bf2 holds. Soon after Aaron simplified to a winning R and P ending.

"Tank" Gibbons - Fred Gibson 0-1

Lorne won a piece early but gave back that material and more later.

Shpan memorial comments tomorrow.

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