Friday, November 2, 2007

October TNT Round 5

The final round - let's see what happened.

Van Wyk - Mundwiler 1-0

This turned into a wild game.
I play through the games without computer assistance first, to get some general impressions and work out some of the tactics. I then play through the game again with an engine running to check my assumptions and to catch any interesting tactics or ideas I may have missed.

Les left a gaping hole on f5 that proved to be source of his difficulties.

After 26...Qe7 27. Nf5 Les could resign immediately, but Joseph played 27. Qa3 and won a few moves later anyway.

Liu - Czypinski 1-0

By move 35 Liu had won a pawn and appeared to have everything under control, but he missed black's 41...Rxg2+ shot and the game is unclear. After a few more moves, we arrive at the position below with Black to move and win:

45...Rg6 wins easily. I understand Black was in time trouble, but somehow had time to calculate (and Play) 45...Rh2 46. Qxh2 Qxf3+ 47. Qg2 Qxd1+ and the result is still not clear.
Later, Black also missed 53...Nd3+ and White has to give up his Q to avoid mate. Eventually Black lost on time around move 64.

Oberton - Khedkar 1-0

Jay survived an early cramped position. Daniel could have won the b pawn with 18. Nxb5, but decided to concentrate his efforts in the centre.

In the following position Jay had the right idea, but the wrong move order.

Play continued 24...Qc2+ 25. Ka1 Bxb3 26. Bd3 oops !

But 24... Bxb3 first and Black is perhaps a little better, and much better if White does not play 25. Qxb3.

Kong - Jim Green DRAW

In my eyes, an unusual game; I couldn't predict many of the moves.

Wierda- Silva 1-0

Silva had a very cramped position, and blundered with 19... Nf5. John mopped up efficiently.

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