Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - March 1, 2008

from the Winnipeg Free Press, March 1, 2008

White to move and mate in 2 (Larsson)

At first glance, this looks trivial.
If the rook stands pat, Black has to move either pawn, then will be suspectible to a check on a black diagonal.
We don't know which pawn Black will move, so we must be prepared for both.
1. Qg1 looks like a good try - as mate on g5 or b6 follows. Except if Black plays 1...c5.
1. Qa1 doesn't work because 1...e5 blocks the check on f6.
So we need another square that gives the Q access to both diagonals.
1. Qh5 is thwarted by 1...c5
1. Qa4 does the trick with mate on h4 or a5 to follow.

If the Rook is at d5 , the result is the same.

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