Friday, March 7, 2008

February TNT Round 4

February TNT Round 4

Lipnowski - Liu 1-0
Sam refutes the French ! Weixi, please study the Karpov-Korchnoi matches.

Mundwiler - Kernetsky DRAW
These guys probably played each other back in the 70s !
White gets a very strange pawn structure out of the opening.
Black misses a few chance early e.g. 14...Bxd3 should just be winning as 15. Nxe7 is met by Bc2.
In the game 15...Bxg5 would White with an uphill battle, but he got one anyway. Great resilience by Les to get the draw, although the final position looks like a win for Black. Perhaps Myron was in time trouble.

Wierda- Fromme DRAW
Scoresheet looks suspicious. The moves 27. Rf2 Qg5 don't make sense with the knight hanging on c5.

Wiebe - Tang DRAW
By move 16, each player had reduced down to 2R and 8P !

Aaron Green - Khedkar 0-1
Jay took advantage of a dubious exchange sacrifice.

Evans - Greenberg 1-0
Harley found out why e6 is usually played before Qc7. Ouch ! He was still fine if he played 7...dxc6 instead of 7...Qxe4??

Lauritson - Letain 1-0
Black allowed a decisive kingside attack.

Campbell - Arie Wasserman 1-0
Black found himself defending in a passive position and missed a tactic.

Leor Wasserman - Lawrence Klusa 1-0
Black missed a knight fork.

Lorne Gibbons - Mark Klusa 1-0
White wins an exchange. White give back a piece. Black is winning.Is the game score correct ? Because 27...c1(Q)+ would win. Anyway, last mistake loses.

Gibson - Crawford 0-1
White fell victim to a common fork tactic.

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