Friday, March 7, 2008

February TNT Round 3

February TNT Round 3

Tang - Lipnowski 0-1

A flurry of tactics resulted in the following position after 18...Kd8

White has a lot of choice here and played 19. Qxg7. 19.Qb3 is also interesting with threats of Nf7 and Qb7. Eventually Black was able to consolidate, with his bishop and rook forming a formidable battery.

Liu- Mundwiler 1-0
Black missed a golden opportunity with 16...Bxe4 17. Bxe4 g5 winning a piece.
25...g5 or Be7 was required to prevent the fatal fracturing of the pawn structure. Weixi finished it off with a nice shot.

Kernetsky - Weibe 1-0
8...Bb7 dropped a piece.

Fromme - Greenberg 1-0
The game is roughly equal until Harley delays capturing on f5 and plays 23...Qe7 instead. He also sacrificed a rook on d5 a few moves later. I can only guessed that he missed something in his calculations.

Khedkar - Campbell 1-0
8...Nb8 is the preferred way to play this variation.

Silva - Aaron Green 0-1
Aaron picks up some more rating points. White could have won the c pawn with 16.Rxd8+ and 17. Na4, instead Black won the exchange a couple of moves later and converted the endgame.

Arie Wasserman - Evans 0-1
White got into a heap of trouble with 14. Qc3 - his poorly coordinated pieces were not able to defend each other.

Wierda - Mark Klusa 1-0
Black lost several tempi with his early knight tour and never recovered.

Letain - Lorne Gibbons 1-0
Blac appears to have resigned a little early.
Interesting tactic I didn't see until Shredder starting going crazy...after 14...Rd8, White has a winner

15. Ne5+ !<- to see the answer roll your mouse over the area to the left

Crawford - Leor Wasserman 0-1
White left a piece en prise

Lawrence Klusa - Gibson 1-0
Black got too ambitious with 22...Na3 and lost the knight.

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