Thursday, March 6, 2008

February TNT Round 1

February TNT Round 1

continuing in catch-up mode...

Wierda - Lipnowski 0-1
Looks like Sam may have won an otherwise drawn endgame on time.
White had a good game but gave up two pieces for a rook with 32. Bc

Fromme - Gary Campbell 1-0
Black has big problems defending his difficult position.

Lipic - Mundwiler 0-1
White allowed Black to take control of the a-file.

Lauritson - Aaron Green 0-1
9...Qe8 seems a bit odd; White did not capitalize as he missed 12. Nb5 which looks fishy at first glance, but probably wins decisive material. White blundered with 24.f3. Black was doing well to convert hsi advantage to a win until the position after 46...Rd1.

White should play 47. Nxe5+ with a likely draw. But White played 47. Nd8+ and went on to win.

Evans - Tang 0-1
White had trouble finding squares for his pieces and succumbed to a fork.

Liu - Leor Wasserman 1-0
Black blundered with 11...Na6 when Ke7 or Kf8 was required.

Letain- Kernetsky DRAW
Both players made safe moves; a nice result for Cory, drawing someone 500 points higher.

Khedkar - Gibson 1-0
9. Bxf7 + was also an option with a decisive advantage.

Crawford-Wiebe 0-1
I think 16.Rxa3 is much better than 16. ab3 holding the pawn structure together, but the bigger problem is with the subsequent moves.

Silva - Mark Klusa 1-0
White won a pawn early.

Lorne Gibbons - Greenberg DRAW
White had a large advantage for most of the game, but lost it all with one careless move.

Arie Wasserman - Lawrence Klusa 1-0

After 33. Qf7, the position below occurred:

Now, either the game score is incorrect, or both players missed something here as Black has a forced mate.

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