Friday, June 13, 2008

June TNT Round 2

You can play through the June TNT games (with light annotations) here

Vincent - Mundwiler 1-0
Black misses that he can not take back on f5 until it is too late (there is Q check on h5 at the end)

Lauritson - Babb 1-0
Black ends up with too many weaknesses. 28...b5 drops a pawn, but it was getting difficult anyway.

Nikouline - Kernetsky 0-1
Who is attacking here ? White looks like he is building up a nasty attack, but is stopped in his tracks by 18...Bxa3 !

Bince - Wiebe 0-1
A nice idea was executed in this game. White has just moved 31. Kd2
Black to move and win

31...e1 (Q) + 32. Kxe1 Nxd5+ 33. Kd2 Re2+ 34. Kd3 Re3+

Klokow - Greenberg 0-1
The Sveshnikov e and f pawns got rolling and White could not find the answers.

Evans- Gibbons 1-0
Black invents the Gibbons variation of the Philidor Defence, and more or less equalizing until droping a knight. Instead 17...Nd7 and Black is surprisingly ok.

Gibson - Aaron Green 0-1
White gets in a bit of trouble after 15. Na4. but 16. b3 giving up the exchange is preferable to sacrificng the knight for a pawn.

Kuropatwa - Letain 0-1
A very unusual opening, White could have played 13. f4 to survive a bit longer, but he is very behind in development.

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That is a nice tactic!

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