Tuesday, June 17, 2008

National Open - Las Vegas - June 8

Round 5 and I am Black against veteran New Hampshire master Hal Terrie.

He had a large space advantage, but I played "rope-a-dope" hoping he would over-extend.
The position got sharp, and I believe I may have captured with the wrong pawn at a critical point. In the lengthy post-mortem we took turns winning. But in the real game I lost.

In between rounds I headed over to the Rio to check out the World Series of Poker.
That is Chris Ferguson to the dealer's left.

Daniel Wiebe took a break from his Vegas vacation to play in the U2000 section.
Round 6
I had an advantage against Benjamin Coraretti through about thirty moves until my intiative evaporated and I was left with a worse endgame.

So I finished with 1.5. but managed to play 5 FIDE rated players (although given my result, my overall FIDE rating performance is lower than I wished).

I'll be back.

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