Tuesday, June 17, 2008

National Open - Las Vegas - June 7

Round 3
I played medical doctor Arthur Galstian from Indianapolis - I understood this was his first tournament in North America.
I won with the Black pieces and after the post mortem I had time
to jump on The Deuce and head to the Tropicana to see the scientific display Bodies.
Fascinating stuff; photography not allowed.

Round 4
With the Black pieces I faced a WIM from Mexico, Alejandra Guerrero Rodriguez.
I had a slight edge, but she had great counterplay and eventually we got into a dynamic position where one slight misstep by the aggressor could be fatal. So we drew.

During the rounds, there are free commentary/lectures in rooms adjacent to the playing hall.
IM John Donaldson is always worth catching regardless of the topic.

GM Larry Evans filled in for the ailing Arthur Bisguier in the "analyze your games" sessions.
Unfortunately, I was only able to catch Larry after his sessions.

So 1.5-2.5 after 4 rounds and 3 FIDE rated oppponents !

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