Thursday, June 19, 2008

June TNT Round 3

Andras Adorjan, author of 'Black is OK' would have loved this round.

Kernetsky - Vincent 0-1
Doesn't Trevor know the Dutch is refuted ? A convincing win by our newest master

Greenberg - Lauritson 0-1
As Alex indicated the game score is incorrect. Lorne, please give Harley's opponents the carbon.

Wiebe - Babb 0-1
White did not find the lines that offered the toughest resistance in the early endgame.

Letain - Nikouline 0-1
I thought White had missed 13.Bxe6, but 13...Ne5 is a strong reply. White suffers from his weak pawns.

Mundwiler-Bince 0-1

White declined a potential Benko, but ended up facing an intiative without the pawn as compensation. White rejected 9. Nb3 obtaining the two bishops and a slightly better position. But he is fine until he pitches a pawn with 17. c6 ?

Aaron Green - Rutter 0-1
White solves Black's characteristic white square bishop problems. He goes fishing with 19. Qh5 and 21. f3, but misses that 21...Qxa2 wins a piece.

Evans - Gibson 1-0
Black falls behind in development and pays the price.

Klokow-Kuropatwa 1-0
Black gets in trouble in the opening.

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