Monday, June 23, 2008

Team Active Tournament

Team Active Tournament

First round action

As Alex Nikouline has mentioned, the Active tournament was a great success with 9 teams comprised of 36 players. Hats off to the TD, Alex, for quick pairings and quick publishing of all results.

After two rounds it already appeared that the Dark Knights and the Juniors would be the class of the field with 6.5 each ahead of Team Rutter which had 4.5. The leaders drew in round 3, while My System swept BOGG to close to within .5 of the leaders.

In round 4, the Dark Knights beat My System 3-1, while the Juniors kept pace. But as Alex reported, in the final game of round 5 Francis Trueman played spoiler and denied the Juniors a share of first.
Congratulations to the Dark Knights.

My System vs. Juniors

Team Rutter vs. Team Lipic

Team Araullo vs. Team Einarsson

Snails vs. Dark Knights

Kaptsan vs. Vincent - Passing the torch

Even TD Alex couldn't avoid being paired against Trevor

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